Welcome to my website!

I am an Assistant Professor in computational political science at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (Rabat, Morocco). Previously, I was and a Research Fellow at the World Bank’s Twitter MENA Lab, a Young Fellow in the Forced Displacement program of the World Bank/UNHCR, and I got my PhD from the University of Toronto.

My current research leverages panel data to answer theoretical and policy questions on two topics: protests, and migration.

As of January 2023, I am co-PI on a Horizon Europe consortium (DYNAMIG) awarded 3,000,000+ Euros for research on migration, along with seven other universities and institutes across Europe and Africa. Our project is described here. Our website is coming up soon, but more info about our consortium can be found here, courtesy of one of the consortium members.

I am also co-PI on a project to collect data on subsidy reforms and civil unrest in the MENA region from the 1970s to today–funded by UKRI through MENASP.

Finally, my other projects include a series of papers on protest cycles, where coauthors and I develop new measures of cyclicality for political panel data while aiming at theory testing.

My previous work is forthcoming at the Journal of Information Technology & Politics and Political Studies Review, and was published in several notable peer reviewed venues, like Sociological Methods & Research–one of the top methods journals in social sciences.

My academic resume is available here.

Nota bene: First generation students and underrepresented minorities applying to political science PhD programs, the academic job market, or interested in research/work with IGOs (World Bank, UN, etc.) or the data science industry are especially welcome to reach out to me for advice and comments!